Jet Boat Punta Cana

440hp of power

More than 90km/h in the sea

360° turns, flying over waves, incredible spins

Are you ready?


The Jet Boat is an aquatic attraction and a maritime tour that will make you release pure adrenaline. This is an incredible boat with a powerful brake, capable of speeding up and braking at high speeds, skidding over the Caribbean and flying over the waves.

Radikal Jet Boat is not only an alternative for leisure activities in the sea, an opportunity to have fun and to live an unforgettable experience, but it is also the only Jet Boat in Punta Cana and all of the Dominican Republic. Are you sure you want to miss it?

Book now your adrenaline boost on our Jet Boat, an activity only for the brave and fearless!

Are you ready?

Security above all

Our main priority is security, especially in a high-speed activity like the Jet Boat. The only thing you should be worried about, is having a good time: we will give you a life jacket, and the boat is equipped with a power brake that allows it to carry out different spins with a total security guarantee.

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Visit our online shop and purchase your exclusive videos of your best moments in the Radikal Jet Boat. Experience high speed through the waters of Punta Cana and make this an unforgettable memory.