• What is Radikal Jet Boat?
  • Is there any restriction I have to take on account?
  • Do I have to book in advance?
  • Can I enjoy the activity if I am not staying in one of the hotels where Radikal Jet Boat operates?
  • Can I buy the video or photographs of the activity?
  • What do I have to wear?
  • Where can I book my tickets?
It’s a powerful jet boat –with a 440 HP engine–: its design makes high speed turns and slides easy. It’s the only one in República Dominica, and you’ll get to know Punta Cana from the see, but also to enjoy an extreme adventure!
Yes, pregnant women and kids who are less than 120 cms tall are not allowed to join the activity. People who suffer back pains or a heart condition cannot join the activity either.
We highly recommend to do so as the boat has just got 12 seats.
Yes, but please contact our customer service department via
Sure. Radikal Jet Boat is equipped with onboard cameras and you can purchase both the video and the photographs online here.
Just your swimsuit! Please remember that due to safety reasons sunglasses are not allowed.
In your hotel but also in this website. Please remember that if you have enjoyed a program in Dolphin Island Park you are invited to enjoy the Radikal Experience!